At Komposit, quality is an obsession and customer satisfaction paramount. We procure steel from reputed steel plants confirming to En 45A, Sup 9 and Sup 11 specifications and any special grades depending on our customer requirements. Each incoming raw material entering our factory undergoes a series of checks before it is released for processing on the shop floor. A stringent quality control procedure ensures our springs are checked at each stage of manufacturing and results recorded, so that the end product is completely dimensionally and metallurgically controlled as per the required specifications.

This close monitoring of vendors enables us to keep ample stocks of raw material to meet our customer’s delivery schedules.

This has yielded us a bank of loyal customers who have stuck with us ever since and through the passage of all these years. Each year we plough back a substantial portion of our earnings towards upgradation of technology so that we are continually at par with the best anywhere. Not only has this led to increased productivity and a better work environment, it has also lowered production costs and made us more competitive in the national and international markets

Four good reasons to choose Komposit Parts
  • State of the art Heat Treatment plant ensures perfect mix of correct metallurgical properties.
  • Each part checked for uniform Hardness.
  • Inspection carried out at every stage to ensure correct dimensions and zero defect.
  • Value for Money, Coming as they do, with the KOMPOSIT stamp of quality, each part has the promise of superior quality, reliability and long life.