Products and Brands

  • Agricultural Machinery Parts - Crop lifters, Accelerator caps, Rotovator blades and Spring ends.
  • Leaf Springs - Spring assemblies and replacement springs used in off road and on road applications.
  • Plastic Moulded Parts - Plastic moulded parts for automobiles, trailers, tractors, combine harvesters, ¬†refrigerators, washing machines, electronic goods.
  • Hot Stamped Parts - Steel parts hot stamped, heat treated for use in agricultural machines and railroad industry.
  • Brass and Steel Precision Turned Components - Screws, Fasteners, Inserts made from brass and steel precision turned on CNC machines.
  • Sheet Metal Components - Press tool components made from steel ranging between a fraction of a mm to several mms thick through Bending, Deep drawing, Punching, Rolling, Press brake forming¬†and Stamping. Our products are galvanised, zinc or chrome plated as per customers requirements.